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At Cleardata, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. We recognise that when delivering a service, the happiness of our client is paramount, and we work hard to accommodate the varying needs of our customers to ensure a successful working relationship.

Below is a selection of testimonials from our previous clients, who have all appreciated the benefits of our services.
"We have utilised Cleardata to securely store over 700,000 documents for our company. As well as using their storage services, we have took advantage of their scan on demand service too, which allows us to request a document to be scanned and returned to us as a digital file when needed. Initially, we were hesitant about receiving scanned images as opposed to the original documents, however we now realise how invaluable such a service has been. The benefits of scan on demand include fast retrieval, as well as the receiving of digital instead of physical documents. This has significantly cut back our postage costs, as well as our carbon footprint. Coupled with this, we have also found Cleardata to have excellent customer service. Overall, we are extremely pleased with Cleardata."

Julie Bennett, Off Plan Development & Marketing Manager

Allison and Reilly Solicitors

"Thanks to Cleardata, we have managed to change a time-consuming and difficult process into a smooth one, through their scanning of thousands of planning records. We have drastically improved the speed of being able to access key records and I would have no hesitation in utilising the services of Cleardata in the future."

Maurice Cann, Head of Development Services

Hambleton District Council

"The hosted online service provided by Cleardata stores all of our documents, and allows us to search through them in a simple to use system. The flexibility of the system means our staff can add records, as well as search and download them, allowing them to add notes and future tasks to them in an organised format. 
As we work with highly confidential data, we needed a service which would safely store our documentation. Cleardata's hosted solution included an encryption and back-up system, giving us reassurance that our files truly were in safe hands. Crucially, the system was fast to use, and was an extra factor when we chose Cleardata in comparison with much slower alternatives we had reviewed. The support offered has also been of an exceptional level, with Cleardata assessing all of our requirements and offering a cost-effective solution based on our needs. Thanks to Cleardata, we are now virtually paperless, and internal communcation has drastically improved. I send my highest recommedation to other companies looking to go paperless." 

Nigel Williams, Managing Director

Alpha Financial Services

"Straight away from our first meeting with Cleardata, we were impressed with their dedicated and professional approach to our scanning and data capture requirements. Both the service provided and level of response has been of an excellent standard.  Despite working to a tight deadlines, the whole exercise has flowed extremely well."

Charles O Donnell, Project Manager


"By utilising Cleardata and their document scanning service, we have freed up enough space to install an extra five workstations. A fantastic reward for going digital!."

Gillian Osgerby, Benefits Department

Wear Valley Council

We used Cleardata to scan all of our financial paperwork, including accounts payable documents, credit notes, invoices, delivery notes and purchase orders, all of which were completed swiftly and to a high standard. By converting our paperwork to digital files, we are able to seach for information efficiently, a service which is also open to multiple staff members at once. This has reduced the amount of time wasted when searching for data and has helped us to convert to being a paperless company.

John Storr, General Manager

Watsons Glass Ltd

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