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 With the combination of onsite secure archive storage and document scanning, Cleardata archive is able to offer secure UK Document Storage and scan on demand services. Enabling secure archiveCleardata Archive | Scan on Demand | Secure Document Storage | Fast Digital Retrieval | UK | storage with fast document retrieval.

The archive storage & scan on demand service allows clients to securely store documents, request for documents to be retrieved, scanned and quickly returned by e-mail or secure FTP site.

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Receive fast retrieval for documents stored offsite. Fast document retrieval is key to any business. Outsourcing your files for storage doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wait for a week before documents see the light of day again. Scan on demand offers a fast turn around for outsourced archive document storage. Cleardata archive will store, scan and return your documents quickly and effectively.

 As a client of archive storage & scan on demand, you will be allocated a dedicated project co-ordinator. Your files will be recorded onto a pre indexed list for your use. Preferences will be recorded for scan on demand retrieval options i.e. e-mail, secure FTP site or approved courier service. On request, your co-ordinator will retrieve your documents from storage, transferring them to the scanning bureau for scanning and return.

This service provides fast and easy access to important files. It is also cost effective, allowing clients to identify the files retrieved on a regular basis.

Cleardata archive | document scanning services | uk document storage | scan on demandBudget restraints sometimes prevent  clients from having all their documents scanned at once. Archive storage/Scan on Demand has proved to be an effective tool for businesses to identify which of their files should be scanned for the future.

Need to retain paper copies for legal reasons. Scan on Demand is a great solution for businesses who want the convenience of electronic access to documents, but who also need to retain paper copies for legal or commercial reasons.

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Cleardata archive has invested in the latest redcare security, Cleardata Archive | Secure document storage | VESDA | Very Early Smoke Detection Alert Systemfire prevention and detection technology. To find out more about our >>document security 

 Call cleardata archive now on 0800 043 5724 to enquire about Scan on Demand & Archive Storage in the UK or fill in our archive storage enquiry form below.


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