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document storage

Cleardata provides secure document storage facilities with fast digital retrieval services for businesses throughout the UK.  The company has invested in its premises to provide complete protection for your documents.  The latest fire prevention and detection technology has been installed, together with Redcare Security systems and Biometric Finger Print Entry.  For added security, all staff hold an up to date CRB Check.

The warehouse has an onsite document scanning bureau, for fast access to your documents, as and when required.  Our staff can scan your documents and upload to a secure FTP server for your retrieval.

Cleardata provides services to Blue Chip Companies and has been inspected by NHS Trusts and local authority clients. File storage services are regularly used by HR Departments and Financial Services organisations.  For further details call 0800 046 8082.

Have a look at our document storage and scanning bureau in action.

archive storage 

Many of our existing clients approached us for archive storage services, when they were looking to free their office space. Archive rooms are usually fit to bursting and lots of employee time is wasted searching for and retrieving files.   One client reported that they were able to fit in an additional 5 workstations after outsourcing their archive requirements.

file storage

Cleardata will index your documents on arrival, enabling you to reduce employee time wasted in searching and retrieving files. Managed notification of destruction dates is also provided, ensuring that documents in archive storage are destroyed at the end of their recommended/agreed shelf life.


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document shredding

The company has invested in industrial document shredding equipment. Find out more about our shredding services.

document management - bar coding

Cleardata Archive | UK Document Storage | Bar Code Scanner | Archive Storage | Document Storage | Document Scanning | Cleardata archive uses bar code scanning technology to effectively manage your document storage. Call 0800 043 5724 UK Document Storage has invested in bar-code technology to ensure the safety of your documents and to help locate them quickly and securely.

This technique logs the location of your data in the archive storage facility, your details including client/company name, postcode, reference number and destruction date for data.

do you need additional document protection?

UK Document Storage can provide Argon Gas Protected Storage. The system was obtained from LPG. It’s an inert gas system, if activated it reduces the oxygen level in the area so fires can’t ignite or reignite. It’s an ozone friendly system. Inert gas systems work by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere to a level which will not sustain combustion (below 14%).


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