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offsite records storageOffsite records storage from cleardata UK 0800 046 8082

Offsite records storage services, from Cleardata UK.  Store your records offsite and immediately protect your data and receive a guaranteed 2 hour digital retrieval service.  The company has an onsite scanning bureau, enabling your offsite records to be retrieved as required and uploaded to a secure ftp site.

Cleardata provides a fully managed offsite records storage service to provide safe keeping of your archives, all records are indexed using barcode technology.  Cleardata is accredited to ISO27001 for information security and ISO9001/2008 for quality management.

Offsite records storage can help your business free valuable office space and reduce costly overheads.  Cleardata can provide managed destruction dates for your records, enabling you to manage your archives efficiently.  

Offsite records storage facility features include:

  • very early smoke detection alert systemOffsite Records Storage - Secure Protection Features
  • redcare security
  • biometric entry systems
  • water detection
  • argon gas protection (if required)
  • Industrial shredding equipment onsite

records storage

Many companies and businesses are now faced with records storage regulations, requiring certain documents to be kept for many years. This can cause issues with office space and effective document management.  

Sensitive records containing financial or personnel data need to be kept securely.  Cleardata provides secure storage, with the latest in fire detection, Redcare Security and Biometric Finger Print entry.  All staff are enhanced CRB checked.  Argon gas protected storage is also available if required.

Please call 0800 046 8082 to find out more about Cleardata's Offsite Records Storage Services or use our contact us form.  Alternatively try our instant quote tool to calcuate your costs.


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