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secure document storage

At UK Document Storage we understand that security is essential for the protection of your documents. The company has experienced employees and has invested heavily in the latest security and fire protection measures to provide your business with secure document storage.

document security

VESDA SystemWe’ve invested to protect your documents. The company has modern premises with purpose built warehousing facilities for document storage and a state of the art document scanning bureau.

Our document storage premises feature:

  • Temperature controlled document storage warehousing
  • Enhanced fire detection systems, providing conventional smoke detection systems and vesda (very early smoke detection alert) in the storage area. This system uses tubes above the racking which continually tests the air quality, via a laser, for carbon monoxide. If anything is detected it sets of the alarm for the site.
  • Security Protection. The document storage site is fully enclosed by security fencing, with 24 hour internal and external passive cctv, viewable from remote stations.  Any movement or intruders will cause the alarm to go off. Our building features full intruder alarms.
  • Staff entry. Your document security is our priority. UK Document Storage has a manned reception area. External door entry security features a thumb/palm, biometric reader. The building has zoned security with restricted areas.

document protection

Argon Gas Protected Storage RoomUK Document Storage can also provide Argon Gas Protected Document Storage. The system was obtained from LPG. It’s an inert gas system, if activated it reduces the oxygen level in the area so fires can’t ignite or reignite.

It’s an ozone friendly system. Inert gas systems work by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere to a level which will not sustain combustion (below 14%).

This provides the best protection for document storage.

Confidential Document Destruction

Document Shredding and DestructionUK Document Storage, part of the Cleardata group, provides secure confidential shredding services. An onsite industrial shredder is available and a certificate of destruction is provided for your records.

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