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document storageCleardata Document Storage Premises

Document Storage from Cleardata provides secure UK document storage with fast digital retrieval.  The company has invested in its premises to provide complete protection for your documents. The company has its own fleet of vehicles to collect  document storage boxes throughout the UK.

Cleardata document storaCleardata Document Storage is Accredited to ISO27001ge is accredited to ISO27001 for information security. The company provides document storage services for the public sector, including NHS Trusts and Local Authority clients. Our premises have also been inspected and approved by many blue chip and pharmaceutical clients. Calculate your storage costs using our instant quote tool.Instant Quote Tool

We're not just an archive company. Cleardata can store your documents securely offsite and send them back to you quickly, as and when you need them.  A scanning bureau (one of the largest in the UK)  is situated onsite, so digital retrieval is fast and simple.  Documents (any size up to AO) can be scanned and uploaded to a secure ftp site or e-mailed back to your desktop.

The company has invested in onsite industrial document shredding equipment. Find out more about our shredding services.

document storage solutions

Cleardata provides document storage solutions to manage the complete lifecycle for your documents including:- 

  • Indexing your documents on arrival, enabling you to reduce employee time wasted in searching and retrieving files.
  • Managed notification of destruction dates are provided, ensuring that documents in archive storage are destroyed at the end of their recommended/agreed shelf life. Click here to find out more about file storage.
  • The company has invested in bar-code technology to ensure the safety of your documents and to help locate them quickly and securely.

How are our premises protected?

  • VESDA (very early smoke detection alert system) Vesda Protected Document Storage
  • Redcare Security
  • Argon gas protected storage if required
  • Biometric Finger Print Entry
  • Employees are CRB checked
  • Zoned security access
  • 24 Hour Remote CCTV

How does document storage benefit my business?

Free your space - Many of our existing clients approached us for archive storage services, when they were looking to free their office space. Archive rooms are usually fit to bursting and lots of employee time is wasted searching for and retrieving files.   One client reported that they were able to fit in an additional 5 workstations after outsourcing their archive requirements.

Protect your documents - The latest fire prevention and detection technology has been installed at our premises, together with Redcare Security systems and Biometric Finger Print Entry.  For added security, all staff hold an up to date CRB Check.  Argon gas protected storage is also available, providing additional security for off site records storage.

Reduce costs - Spend less time searching for documents and reduce costs wasted on search and retrieval.  Also reuse costly office space, used for document storage for other business activities.

document storage services

For further details about Cleardata's secure document storage services call 0800 046 8082 or complete the quick document storage enquiry form below.

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