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online file storage

Looking for an affordable Online File Storage Solution? Online File Storage Cleardata 0800 046 8081Cleardata offers DART, a low cost, secure online document management system. It's simple to use, involves no upfront software costs and provides easy access to your documents from any location using a web browser.

We'd love to show you what this hosted solution can do, so please contact Dave - he does the demonstrations.  Dave will provide an online demo, or come and see you to go through your requirements and show you what DART can do for your business. You can use our contact form or give us a quick call on 0800 046 8082.

here's a quick overview of what the DART solution provides:-

  • DART stands for Document Archive and Retrieval Technology
  • The System can host virtually all types of images and documents in their native format
  • You can access it from any pc - all you need is an internet browser and now software is required
  • DART offers a fast search facility as well as META search.  Users can look for information using content and indexed data
  • Users can upload and index information easily.  If you have a backlog of data, Cleardata can scan this for you and index it ready for you to access
  • Users can add notes to documents and assign tasks and messages to other users
  • The system provides a full document audit trail
  • It's secure, providing password access and is stored on the Pipex servers.

Want to know a little more. Have a look at our video to get more of an insight.

Online File Storage from Cleardata - Call now on 0800 046 8082.

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