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confidential shredding

Confidential Shredding Services from Cleardata,confidential shredding services a document management company providing secure document destruction for businesses throughout the UK.  

Cleardata has a secure document destruction facility with industrial shredding equipment, capable of shredding documents, files, cardboard, books, cd's, tapes and credit cards.  All data is destroyed to the highest levels of security.  Waste is recycled in accordance with current environmental legislation.

Confidential shredding and destruction of documents is a legal requirement for businesses who have a duty to securely dispose of clients data and employee information.  This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act.  

confidential shredding service

1. Cleardata will collect your documents or data.

2. Information is bagged and tagged, using barcode management

3. All drivers are CRB checked

4. Shredding equipment destroys data to MOD standard, security level 4

5. Waste is recycled in accordance with environmental legislation

6. Notice of destruction provided for full audit trail

To find out more about Cleardata's confidential shredding services call today on 0800 046 8082 or contact us for an instant quote. 

Have a look at our confidential shredding service in action.

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